Sunday, 23 April 2017

Google Says, Make Your Website Mobile Friendly For Higher Rankings


It was on April 21, 2015 google surprised the SEO world with its mobile friendly update which eventually gained the name “Mobilegeddon”. It was brought in order to prioritize the ranks of the websites which were optimized to view in mobile devices. From then Google has been looking at the performances of your mobile page as an important factor in ranking. According to studies it was found that 25-60%of the web traffic is coming from mobile. Many of the smart phone users will not take the initiative to play around a website which is not optimized for mobile rather they would prefer visiting your competitor who has much more mobile friendly website with better navigation.

Why is it so important to be mobile friendly?

A website which is not optimized for mobile is likely to be pulled down by Google so if you want to be found in the mobile search results it is vital to have the features updated. Mobile friendly websites improves user experience because it can load veryquickly and keeps your visitors engaged. The technology is growing very fast and having a mobile friendly website will keep you streamlined across devices and improves your flexibility. This also reduces the cost as you need not spend on mobile app development.

Where to test your mobile friendliness?

There are lot of tools available to check how optimized is your website on mobiles. We recommend Googles Mobile Friendly test because this is the tool which tells you whether Google has considered your website mobile friendly. If you pass the test it will show a green message and say Page is mobile-friendly and if not it will display the message as Not Mobile Friendly in red. The best thing with this tool is that it will throw suggestions on how you can improve in terms of content or links closer together.

The other tool I would recommend is
Page Speed Insights by Google, It gives you a detailed analysis of your website that includes how it will show on mobile as well as in desktop. It will provide you with speed scores including detailed information on what you should consider fixing and the passed rules.

We help you!

If you are looking for affordable SEO services for small business and startups, we can help your website reach on top google listings and getting the most targeted traffic to your website. Let your visitors get the best experience so that they remember you and visit your website again from anywhere through any device.

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